Our Online Supplements (OS) are meant to support education and teaching efforts within the health professions.  Ideally, the OS would be used in conjunction with in-person sessions as we can then contextualize content, promote dialogue, and debrief activities. 

Our team, based in Toronto, Canada, is developing a number of OS's covering reflexive approaches to health professions education:

These are all freely accessible and continually updated. Funding to support this work comes from: the Centre for Faculty Development and the Arrell Family Chair in Health Professions Teaching.

Please note: We welcome and encourage you to share your perspectives and experiences through group discussions whenever possible. We also invite you to reach out with any questions, thoughts or concerns: contact us.

 *coming soon   

To cite this work: Ng S, Baker L, Friesen F. Teaching For Transformation. An Online Supplement. [Internet]. 2018. Available from www.teachingfortransformation.com

Centre for Faculty Development, University of Toronto at St. Michael's Hospital.