The Online Supplements (OS) for Education support reflexive approaches to education and teaching within the health professions. Ideally, these OS's should be used in conjunction with in-person sessions as educators can then contextualize content, promote dialogue, and debrief activities.

These free, open-access OS's were originally funded by the Centre for Faculty Development (CFD) and the Arrell Family Chair in Health Professions Teaching and are now maintained in partnership by the CFD and the Centre for Advancing Collaborative Healthcare & Education (CACHE).

Our team, based in Toronto, Canada, is continually updating, improving, and developing additional OS's.

Please email us with any feedback.

The purpose of this Online Supplement (OS) is to introduce and inspire a transformative education approach with a focus on one such approach: critical pedagogy.

The purpose of this OS is to introduce six prevalent and relevant paradigms of education for health professions education. 

The purpose of this OS is to foster and support ethical authorship practices in the context of interdisciplinary and interprofessional research and scholarship.   

The purpose of this OS is to provide health professions faculty and scholars with a meaningful approach to demonstrating the impacts of their collaborative scholarship.

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